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Mission, vision, strategy


Our mission is identification of the infrastructure surrounding us by using modern and innovative solutions.


Our vision is ensuring a consistent increase in our market share on the Polish and the European market. We make it real by constantly improving offered services and products. We constantly modernise our machinery and improve our employees' qualifications.

In our business we focus on people - it is them for whom we develop our products and our success depends on them.


The business model of "BALANDA" assumes the following elements:
  • Offering products of very high aesthetic value and quality.
  • Constant expansion on the domestic market.
  • The "Innovative Balanda 2013-2015" strategy assumes constant improvement of both production processes and the products themselves. We are willing to achieve this goal by investing in new technology and machines.
  • Pursuit of maximisation of production for our network customers, particularly from the financial, fuel and power, telecommunications, food and apparel industry.
  • Handling key investments in the construction industry.
  • Specialisation in handling rebranding operations.
  • Continuous control of the company's profitability.