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The BALANDA Advertising Factory was founded in 2000 in Sopot, by people with long-term experience in the advertising trade.

Since the beginning the company has focused solely on production of visual advertising elements concentrating on provision of high quality and innovative solutions.

In 2001, BALANDA expanded its operations by production of Christmas light decorations.

The year 2002 brought the conclusion of partnership contracts with manufacturers from the EU and implementation of new technologies to the Polish market.

Since 2003, BALANDA has also been involved in distribution and selling roof materials as well as advertising products, which has significantly enhanced the company's capabilities.

In 2004, the company focused on ongoing, long-term servicing network and financial customers, i.e.: ING, BZ WBK, LOTOS, Rossmann, Gaz-System and other.

The year 2006 resulted in a significant increase in the qualifications of our employees and improvement in working conditions on particular positions.

In 2007, our company organised an exhibition during the EUROREKLAMA2008 fairs in Poznań presenting innovative solutions technological in production of advertising equipment.

In 2008, we implemented an internal quality control system.

At the end of 2008, the company received financial support from the EU funds for purchasing a CNC milling machines and a thermoforming machine.

In 2009, the company bought a new office building Chwaszczyno with a production hall with total area of above 1000 m2.

In 2010, the company received a subsidy for its project entitled "BALANDA – new quality of advertising services", as part of which we modernised the office-production building and bought new steel treatment machines, delivery vehicles as well as implemented a computer customer service and production management system.

In 2011, the company recorded record sales once again. New production devices were also purchased back then.

Currently, the company has been working on a subsequent project co-financed from the funds of the European Union entitled "BALANDA - new quality of advertising services".

Part of the operations associated with the project will involve purchasing new steel treatment machines, a delivery vehicle and a computer production management system.

BALANDA is the official sponsor of Kamila Bałanda of whom we are faithful supporters. Kamila Bałanda holds the titles of World Champion 2007, European Champion 2010, European Vice-champion 2012 in kickboxing and

World Champion 2008 in muay Thai.